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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject IncludingHTMLSerializer
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 16:56:51 GMT
The portal requires that the IncludingHTMLSerializer be used to generate 
the content of any JSR-168 portlets.  This works fine for portlets which 
generate HTML. However, our sites are required to generate only XHTML.  
So I have a few questions.

1. HTMLSerializer sets the output format to HTML. I'm assuming that this 
is where the problem lies.  Would providing a way for 
IncludingHTMLSerializer to set the output format to XML be enough to 
solve the issue? 
2. Should I instead create an IncludingXMLTransformer?  It seems like it 
would share a lot of code with the IncludingHTMLSerializer.
3. Both of the above assume that the JSR-168 portlet is generating 
XHTML. If it generates HTML but the output must be XHTML what then?


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