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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: a new cocoon logo?
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 10:14:03 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> Jeroen Reijn wrote:
>> Hi Frédéric,
>> looks nice! Beside the cocoon logo, I personally would like to see 
>> that the cocoon website gets a redesign. Especially if we want make 
>> the buzz.
> I agree that the Cocoon website needs a redesign. However, a redesign 
> with the same old content doesn't really makes sense and could do more 
> harm than good. But with the cool new documentation that is coming, we 
> definitely have to change the skin of our website to clearly show people 
> that something new is there.
> About the logo, however, I really prefer the current one, which is way 
> more readable and is also well-known.

Some of the Forrest team have been working on a superb new skinning 
system. It is much easier to customise than the old one. It is also 
possible to change the skin at any level of granularity (e.g. per site, 
per directory, per document type, per page). For example, you could have 
a different look and feel for the user sections and the dev sections.

The system uses CSS for the visual presentation and a "structurer" that 
defines what is included in the page, e.g. navigation sections, news 
feeds, theme switchers,

It's been working for quite some time and is just nearing its second 
redesign. However, it *is* part of the 0.8-dev cycle so is not 
completely stable yet.

There is only one new skin using this system at present, if anyone wants 
to have a bash at it I could create a version of the forrestbot that 
builds the Cocoon site with views (we have duplicated the existing 
Forrest skins as well).

The other option for a new skin would be to use Daisy's own skinning 
system and drop Forrest altogether (you'd use wget to publish the site). 
I don't use that approach myself because although the Daisy skinning 
system is improving it is still to cumbersome to work with for many 
people requires XSL, and CSS skills, together with a knowledge of 
Daisy's document structure. However, that may not be a concern here 
since all Cocoon users are comfortable wth XML/XSL (and CSS?)

Another problem with Daisy is that people wishing to develop a skin for 
it will have to install it locally and create some sample documents to 
work with. This is also true of Forrest, but the process is much easier 
since t is a simple binaray download.


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