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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [docs] Livesites by working area
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 00:36:11 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> Arje Cahn wrote:
>>> Yes, create a doc typoe, add a few relevant fields (including one of 
>>> tags.
>> Helma, do you know how to do this? If you add the type, I'll start 
>> converting the sites..
>> Arje
> I created a CocoonLiveSiteDocument (check spelling!) with a simple 
> content part and a Metadata part that should behave like the Book 
> Metadata part. However, it doesn't. I suppose Bruno has added some extra 
> processing underneath that I should have a look into, but somehow I 
> can't get onto the server to have a look.
> So for now there is not much else I can do.
> <thinking out loud>
> I think, to make things future-proof, we need a flexible metadata part, 
> much like the bookmetadata part, where metadata key/value pairs can be 
> added, rather than a set number of fields which accommodate for the 
> current distinctions (category and version).

The approach I use here for our documentation system is to have a 
multi-valued field that any user can use to tag a document. I also have 
a set of collections that are the "official" classifications.

Using this you can have categorisation by tag (which can get quite messy 
of course) and then a categoriasation by collection (which is well 

Periodically, we review common tags and verify that we have a suitable 
collection for that tag and that all documents are in the right 
collections according to their tags.

> If you think otherwise, I'd be happy to create two fields, one with a 
> selection list for the versions and one with a selection list for the 
> categories.

Do you mean Cocoon version? Should this be a document variant? So you 
would have a single live sites document, with X variants, one for each 
major version.


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