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From "Stefan Pietschmann" <>
Subject AW: Core Documentation
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 20:07:35 GMT
Thank you for your quick response :)

| You should create a component that implements the required Avalon
| interfaces and then declare it in cocoon.xconf. You will need to assign
| it a role (faily simple - look at other components to see how they do
| it). The code that uses the component then calls the component manager
| to look up the role and return the component attached to it. The manager
| will be initialized the first time it is looked up.

Will have to take a look at it. 

| What do you mean by "attributes". Transformers, etc. can have hardwired
| attributes associated with them when they are configured in the
| component section of the sitemap. In addition, they can have parameters
| declared in the pipelines which are passed as parameters to the setup
| method.

The elements in the pipeline shall have attributes like

<map:transform type="xyz" conf="someID"/>

once this node is transfered, the code should use the manager and this
attribute to decide, whether to append the component to the pipeline or not.

Is there some entry point to the pipeline building, where I can setup the
manager? It needs to be setup with every new request.


| Ralph
| Stefan Pietschmann wrote:
| > Hello Cocooners,
| >
| > I'm desperately looking for Cocoon Core Documentation of any kind. I
| > have - quite unsuccessfully - tried to get a clue from looking at the
| > soure, but this whole sitemap processing seems quite complex.
| >
| > What I need to do - and I will bug you with this in detail for sure
| > later - is in short: To setup a kind of manager object once the
| > sitemap is read. Then any element in a pipeline - like transform, act
| > etc - might have an additional attribute, which is to be evaluated by
| > this manager. So I need to know:
| >
| >    1. where to instanciate the manager
| >    2. where and how to get the attributes of the pipeline elements
| >       before they are appended to the ProcessingPipeline
| >    3. and how to access the manager object from there
| >
| > For this any documentation or tips would be great. I read that
| > Bertrand gave an introduction on the Cocoon internals at the
| > CocoonGT2005. Are there any docs from there perhaps?
| >
| > Thanx alot,
| >
| > Stefan
| >

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