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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: XULifying CForms (yet another attempt?)
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 15:27:18 GMT
Gianugo Rabellino <gianugo <at>> writes:

> I'm more
> and more inclined in devoting some of my Copious Free Time to a Xul
> CForms renderer, and I wanted to catch up with other fellow members
> and see what's going on.

That was what Claas Thiele and I started at the hackathon. 

> I understand from
> that Jorg is
> already doing something, so before reinventing wheels I'd love to know
> what the current status is and if/how I might help.

Claas has the code and will send it to me probably today. After this I will
attach it to the bug and go into the details. 

> 1. server roundtrip model: Xul doesn't really fit in a
> request-response model where all data travel at once upon hitting a
> submit button. This might lead to two different alternatives: (a) ajax
> all over the place, where more or less every widget submits events to
> a Cocoon server or (b) server roundtrips being avoided whenever
> possible thanks to the richest functionalities of a Xul frontend
> (think repeaters).

Is it an either-or-decision?

> Convergence with the new Ajax model of CForms
> somewhat blurs the line, yet I feel that a mere translation of CForms
> widgets to Xul without a rethink of the roundtrip model might be
> somewhat limiting (as in "uh, ok, so what?").  Actually, I might go as
> far as saying that the whole Xul/CForms marriage might not have that
> much sense now that we have Ajax and all the Web 2.0 yadda-yadda. That
> is, unless we figure out some real advantage in server interaction.

Claas and I came to the conclusion that Ajax as-is does not work with XUL.

> 2. the role of XBL. I feel XBL (xul binding/extension language) might
> play an important role in producing advanced widgets (again, think
> repeaters, calendar popups, double selection lists... well, you name
> it). Still, XBL is tightly coupled with CSS, and I'm not sure how to
> manage the CSS->XBL relationship within Cocoon.

That's really advanced stuff. Starting with simple stuff will be hard enough ;)

> Well, these are just a few initial thoughts, which don't even deserve
> the status of [RT]: let's say I'm just trying to break the ice and see
> what's going on in Xul/Cocoonland. Awaiting for your comments!

Breaking the ice might be necessary :) Wait for the code submit and the status I
will send.


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