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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: REQ Fixing really old bugs
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:17:55 GMT
Le 12 oct. 05, à 14:08, hepabolu a écrit :

> Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>> Le 12 oct. 05, à 13:06, Torsten Curdt a écrit :
>>> Instead of waiting for this *not* to happen
>>> (and we know it's not going to happen) I'd say -
>>> let's ask the people whether those old bugs still
>>> apply...
>> I like the idea - how do you suggest asking?
>> We could add a comment to each open issue with the question (which 
>> would send a mail to bug reporters), pointing to a wiki page with an 
>> explanation, and set all bugs to NEEDINFO?
> Sounds good and at least requires less work than going over all of 
> them by hand. Can this be done as a batch?..

Yes, do a query like and select "change 
several bugs at once". Then we can enter a comment (which people will 
get by mail) and change the issue state.

-For some reason the "mark as NEEDINFO" option does not appear in this 
case, so we might not be able to use this state for this purpose. I 
suggest using LATER, and having people change state to REOPENED if they 
want to confirm the issue.

-This will send a *lot* of mails to dev@, we should warn people before 
we do this, they might want to adjust their mail filters

> How about:
> "We noticed this bug is open for quite some time...

I've expanded on this, see "Bugzilla comment to send" at - this is the page 
to which bugzilla comments (i.e. mails that people will receive) will 


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