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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: [M10N] separating samples from blocks
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 21:11:03 GMT

Ralph Goers wrote:
> There are easy ways to deal with that.  Again, I am speaking from a
> Maven 1 perspective since that is what I am very familiar with. My
> understanding is that Maven 2 can do what Maven 1 can and more.
> One way is to have each block have a pom which just does a multiproject
> build.  In this case you would just run maven package from the block
> directory and it will build all the subpackages and run the tests. The
> irony of your argument against this is that this is exactly what you
> want; you ultimately want an api artifact, an impl artifiact, a samples
> artifact and tests. Furthermore, if you need new artifacts it is pretty
> easy to add them to this structure as they are new submodules.  For
> example, you might create a dbschema module if you wanted each block to
> provide its own database schema, if it has one, and then you had a
> dbschema plugin to aggregate all the dbschema artifacts together when
> installing the product.

ok now I see what you mean, have a multiproject pom for each block.

This could work very well yes, and we should keep this in mind once we
get the go-ahead to reorganize the repository. I'ld like to also be
clear about Daniels' concerns wrt OSGI before we actually go ahead and
do this.

For now i'll continue bending maven around the current repository structure.


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