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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: [M10N] separating samples from blocks
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 18:23:05 GMT

Ralph Goers wrote:

>>> /src
>>>   /blocks
>>>             /cforms
>>>                  /api
>>>                       pom.xml
>>>                  /impl
>>>                       pom/xml
>>>                  /samples
>>>                       pom.xml
>>>                  /test
>>>                       pom.xml
> Why would they be explicitly excluded?  From my experience that only
> happens when you specify -Dmaven.test.skip.

That's only true when the tests are inside of the module.

Given above structure, you would have to run "mvn package" 4 times, once
in each directory, to package everything in the module. If you keep the
tests inside of the module, they will get run automatically when
packaging the module *unless* specified otherwise.

>> In maven2 you can have a dependency on a project. ATM all blocks depend
>> on the cocoon-core block/project so if we bump a library's version
>> number there it automatically trickles down to all blocks.
> OK.  Does that mean that the core has to have all the dependencies that
> all the blocks have even if it doesn't use them directly?  That would be
> silly.

That would be silly indeed. The cocoon-core module has all the modules
that the cocoon "core" needs. All blocks depend on cocoon-core, and in
addition to that they declare their own dependencies.
Now it is entirely possible that block A relies on version 1.0 of a
library, whereas block B relies on 0.9a , I think this was your point.
Now when you package these together in a war, maven has to choose. I
think ATM it just picks whatever came first during dependency scanning,
but I'ld have to check this. After osgi we won't even care about this
case anymore.

I will start a page in Daisy, [Mavenization], explaining the current


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