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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject [M10N] cocoon-core-archetype
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 23:21:11 GMT

I've created an archetype that sets up a working cocoon core
webapplication without any blocks.

Basically what you would do is run

m2 archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=apache-cocoon

and it goes off and creates a basic cocoon m2 project structure. You can
then use the usual maven targets to turn this eg into a mountable webapp
(war:inplace or war:exploded), or create a deployable war from it (war:war)


Now I (and preferrably other people will join in) would like to
experiment further with this approach, maybe by adding things like

 - well documented skeleton code for generators, transformers,
serializers, actions, avalon components etc
 - well documented subsitemap using above components
 - embed jetty and startup scripts
 - <yourIdeaHere>

The idea is that this particular archetype could serve as a quick
entrypoint to explore for developers wanting to write their own
components in cocoon.

(Similarly, we could have cocoon-block-archetype, which defines a
helloworld osgi block with the recommended directory layout,
configuration files and some skeleton code to look at)

There are a number of roles in the cocoon development process that we
can target with different archetypes :
- first-timer-givemesomeeyecandy. He just wants to see what cocoon is
all about.
- aspiring component developer. She is interested in blocks,avalon,
*.xconf etc
- developer-that-writes-no-java-code
- <otherRolesHere/>

They all have different needs as to what the archetype should contain
and how complex it can be should they want to explore it.

Perhaps some archetypes will evolve to something more complex and turn
into real application generators, but this should not be our aim from
the beginning IMO - aim low and evolve when successful.


PS should i put the archetype in the repository somewhere? Or should it
go in the whiteboard area for now ?

PS2 for those unaware: M10N stands for mavenization

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