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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: FYI: 2.2 samples pages reorganized
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 09:23:26 GMT
Le 11 oct. 05, à 15:36, hepabolu a écrit :

> ...Just had a quick look and some things came to mind:
> - as Carsten pointed out, the link to "all samples" is very 
> unobtrusive...

Fixed, you cannot miss the link anymore.

> - I really feel the need for a "back" link on each overview page or 
> maybe the Cocoon logo could be made into a link, going back to the 
> first page of the samples...

ok - actually the best thing would be to have a kind of breadcrumbs 
trail like "Cocoon - samples - main core samples" where you can click 
on each part.

> - if "core" is treated as a block, all "core" samples should be in one 
> page, like the samples for each block. I.e. "additional core samples" 
> should be either referenced on the core samples page or integrated...

I disagree, the aim is to have only *really useful and significant* 
samples on the "main core samples" page, and all others on the 
"additional core samples one".

The goal is to focus users on what's important at the expense of more 
obscure or less often useful stuff, so to have a small number of links 
on the front samples page and on the pages to which it leads to.

The fact that a sample comes from the core or from a block is not very 
relevant to someone asking "how do I do xxx in Cocoon".

> - I really feel we shouldn't go deeper than 2 or 3 levels:...

Currently what happens after the "all samples" page, what you get is 
dependent on the sample itself, so if you want to improve this you have 
to do it in each block as needed, or implement a better mechanism where 
each block exposes a complete list of its samples and the "samples" 
page publishes it intelligently.

> ...- it seems that the list of blocks samples should be alphabetical, 
> but then groovy flow is out of order. Haven't look at the others yet, 
> although putting "Cocoon Forms" under "F" is not logical for an 
> outsider...

The list is ordered by the block name which is "forms" for "Cocoon 
Forms". You can of course change it to sort by block name, but I'm not 
sure if it is better. Note also that the aim is to remove as many 
"exotic" blocks as possible from 2.2 and move them to contrib, so it 
shouldn't be that bad in the end.

That said, I'll have little time to work on this in the near future, 
anyone is welcome to improve this. And the samples in general are in 
dire need of a facelift, anyone fancy some CSS work?


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