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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject Re: [RT] seven good reasons to close down
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 10:46:54 GMT
> > In my experience, it doesn't matter which list I ask for help on,
> > it still gets ignored.
> That sounds really frustrated.
> Sorry about that.

My experience (although probably not objectively realistic, and biased by
bad experiences) is that my first request for help is usually answered, even
by a few people, but without fully solving the problem (blame me: my first
post contains most certainly insufficient information), and the second round
is unanswered.

So I usually get insightful answers which help me continue my research
(good), but that does not necessarily means the problem is solved (bad). At
most, what I tend to get is a kind of "workaround" (not too bad, but could
be better).

Maybe it just did not ring
> a bell when people read it.

That's the strange point about my feeling. It seems to ring the bell the
first time, but not loud enough to follow up.

In the end it probably comes
> down to how much time a developer
> can spend on tracking down
> the bug you are seeing.
> If you can reduce that time
> you are more likely to get an
> answer.

I try, but it is not always easy, if you don't have enough knowledge about

OTOH, I know many users (myself included) seldom try to help others,
probably because of lack of time. But if users don't have time, why should


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