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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject [RT] flow machinery
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 21:02:15 GMT

there are a few things regarding the current flow machinery that
are bugging me for quite a while now. In order to support flow
serialization they need to be addressed.

1. Class vs Interface

The WebContinuation is currently a class. IMO it makes much more
sense to turn it into an interface an have the individual "FlowEngine"
implementation act as a factory. That way javaflow could create
WebContinuations that implement Serializable.

2. Naming

The name JavaInterpreter just misses the point. I would like to
rename the "Interpreter" interface to something like "FlowEngine".
Other suggestions are welcome.

3. Continuation Management

When it comes down to serialization of flow there are 2 aspects.
One is flow persistence and the other one is flow replication
across machines.

In order support flow persistence we would need the make the
ContinuationManager save and reload serializable continuations.
...which is not big deal. Unfortunately replication is a slightly
different subject.

The distributed ContinuationManagers would need to synchronize
the continuation trees across the network or at least find a way
to direct to the appropriate server that holds the continuation.
TBH ...I am not eager to re-invent the wheel here. In fact this
whole machinery is already in place for sessions. Why not re-use it?
In fact I don't really see a big point of having web continuations
without sessions anyway.

Assuming the continuations are stored inside the session, storing
and restoring the sessions would take care of the persistence.
Directing to the server with the right session also assures to
get to the right cocoon instance running the right ContinuationManager.

Flow replication itself should then also be solved by session
replication without any further effort. The only open question
is the continuation expiry mechanism. It might be good enough to
just run the expiry on every machine ...I am wondering how that
might affect the replication though.



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