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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: ApplesProcessor - a little crazy idea
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 18:11:00 GMT
>> The API itself is not very likely to change much - if at all.
> What about Invoker? If this class is part of API... It declares two  
> exceptions which are not thrown in the method:
>     public Invoker(Method method) throws IllegalAccessException,  
> InstantiationException {

No external API. A left over from my fixing session
before the GT ;) Should be probably return to be a
private class ...or might even move into javaflow

>> We only need a few more people using it to find the corner cases.
> Stable API != Stable Implementation. If API is stable, you should  
> start vote on marking javaflow stable.

Hm... chicken egg problem ...somehow I would like
to get some feedback first. The FOM/API itself hasn't
really changed much since the branch version.
I am tempted to rename the abstract base class ...but
that's it. Everything else is under the hood.

But people tend to think of "stable" as rock-solid
and well tested. But without more feedback I cannot
make that promise.

I happy to say the public API is frozen ...but for
"rock-solid" I would first like to get a javaflow
1.0 release out of the door over at jakarta.

...and maybe even fix the continuation management
in trunk. Expect a RT next week when I am back
from Amsterdam.


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