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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Reality Check (was Re: [SHRT] Cocoon on Rails Application Component Kernel (CRACK))
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 17:43:37 GMT
>>> My major complaint against flowscript isn't the concept--its the   
>>> feeling that I am flying without a net.  I don't have a  
>>> convenient  way of testing the javascript.  I can't use an IDE to  
>>> make things  even easier.  There is something to be said for  
>>> using the  autocomplete function of your favorite IDE as apposed  
>>> to trying to  remember how everything is mapped to the FOM.
>> Well, then use javaflow :)
> I still feel that flow is not the right tool for the simple mapping  
> of action to view.

So it *is* the concept ;)

What you could do with javaflow:

class ApplicatioController extends AbstractContinuable {
    protected String layout = "mysite";

    protected boolean shouldSayHello()
        return Random.nextBoolean();

class hello_controller extends ApplicationController {

   public void run() {
     while(true) {
       if (shouldSayHello()) {
       } else {

   public void index() {

   public void hello() {
     getRequest().setAttribute("hello", "world");

I am not so sure whether I got the redirecting part right.
...and there is also the question if the history is really
required for such a simple application flow, but...

> We have done a few simple but powerful things here:
> * We have one location to update the layout of all the controllers-- 
> although an individual controller can override it if they want


> * The method does any setup necessary, and then the system just  
> "falls through" to the corresponding source file.


> * All we need to do to add a new action is implement a method.

if you don't need the state - yepp. otherwise you need it to the  
actual flow logic

> * We still have the "redirect" ability if we want to send a  
> specific page (i.e. the sendPage()) method inherited from the base  
> class.

not sure if IIUC

> * We also have a way to add methods available to all the  
> application's controllers in the ApplicationController base class  
> using the protected methods.


> All of these take advantage of the world we already know without  
> having to learn something new.

Maybe I did not get your example ...but otherwise I don't really see  
what are the strong points


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