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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [RT] Is Cocoon Obsolete?
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2005 14:32:42 GMT
...very interesting RT. I had to wait and sort my thoughts
a bit before responding.

I think your perception of cocoon being "kinda 'done'"
applies to its general idea. We have shown what is
possible ...but IMO there is left sooo much room for
improvement. They might not be as ground breaking
...but they are still necessary to take the project
to next level!

Cocoon got big and complex over the years. And sometimes
I get the feeling it's suffering from its overweight.
..on the user basis as well as on the developer basis.
We hardly have any developers knowing the baby inside out
anymore. It's just too big! ...and IMO some parts are
just too complicated.

Today the Cocoon project faces a different challenge.
Somehow we need to move forward and improve ...change
things - but don't hurt your existing user base too
much. Being careful about that is good ...but somehow
also kills innovation in some areas.
Sometimes it feels like years ago that we have been
driven by innovation while today we are a bit scared
of it.

Developers need the kick of the new ...or quite often
they move on ...or maybe just use the baby to make some
money with it - as it is. Which is perfectly fine!
They finally can make some money out of the endless
hours they spent improving it. But question is ...does
that mean the fun part is over now?

I fear we just have to become a bit more experimental
again. For quite some time Cocoon was perceived as "new"
"leading/bleeding edge". Although users and customer
were afraid exactly about this I think we completely
lost it and we need more of that again! ...on the
right branch though.

[Our current branch definition is just screwed at the
moment. We still commit new features to both branches
while we are still trying not to change too much on

We should try to question established mechanisms.
Dropping the leash - at least for discussions ...and if
it makes sense but is too big of a change - well...
I cannot count how many times I have been thinking
about the rules of revolutionaries...

I am really excited about this years GT ...with Andrews
talk and hopefully a lot of healthy discussions in that


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