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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: New Ajax block, CForms autocompletion suggestion-lists
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2005 13:33:30 GMT

On 30 Sep 2005, at 12:42, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> I would be interested in re-writing TimedBrowserUpdater to use the  
> Prototype Libraries if that seemed appropriate.
> What I am interested in finding out from you at the moment is how  
> you plan to use the Prototype libraries with CForms.
> Will the basic mechanism used by Ajax CForms on the Server stay the  
> same ?
> i.e.
>     Ajax requests come back to the same URL (as the initial page)  
> with a 'cocoon-ajax' param
>     JXMacros wrap <bu:update id="n"><p>bonjour</p></bu:update>
> according to the state of 'cocoon-ajax'
>     The BrowserUpdateTransformer filters according to the state of  
> 'cocoon-ajax'
>     The Serializer is switched according to the state of 'cocoon-ajax'
> Then re-write the existing BrowserUpdate client side JS to use the  
> Prototype libraries. In effect providing a generic function that  
> can update a page from a <bu:document> that can be given to an  
> Ajax.Request Object as the 'onCompleted' handler option.

This is all done.

Cforms.js is rewritten to use the prototype.js Ajax.Request Object as  
it's Ajax Engine. This will hopefully reduce our maintennance  
workload in the future, as prototype.js is a popular and robust library.

All of the cforms samples (that normally work) appear to be still  
working. :)

Exactly the same transport is used.

     when the form is first loaded, there is no 'cocoon-ajax' request  
param, so the whole page is sent
     a form with Ajax turned on submits certain events via an  
XMLHTTPRequest to the continuation
         with the form contents and 'cocoon-ajax' request param set  
to true.
     fields that have changed send back a new rendering of themselves  
in a bu:document/bu:replace
     BrowserUpdateTransformer filters the rest of the page out from  
around the updates
     Cocoon.Ajax.BrowserUpdater replaces tags in the page from  
matching IDs in the bu:document/bu:replace

I have also added the TimedBrowserUpdater and a sample to the Ajax  
Block, it also uses the same transport.
We use it to selectively refresh in the background, certain screen  
regions that contain data that frequently changes on the backend, to  
save the user constantly refreshing the whole page by hand.


regards Jeremy

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