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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Setup.exe for Windows
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 21:52:41 GMT
> I had some fun with the NSIS installer for Windows (http:// 
> and created a Setup.exe for Cocoon that  
> should run fine both on a completely fresh "out of the box" MS  
> Windows system, as on a system with Java, Tomcat et al. already  
> installed.

Cool stuff!

> - The Setup.exe  (73 Mb) for Windows is built upon the following  
> components:
> a) Sun JRE 1.5.04 with the javac.exe and server version of the  
> java.exe added to it. According to the Sun license you are allowed  
> to do this and distribute this as long as you add some value to it  
> (your own software) and you do not replace Sun components.
> b) Tomcat  5.5.9
> c) Full build of Cocoon 2.1.7

...but why did you choose to package Tomcat? Just fire up Jetty!

> I am interested in:
> - If there is some demand for something like this

I think some people would benefit from it - for sure

> - Whether this actually worked for anyone

Sorry - I am on OSX ... well - no I am not sorry ;)

> - Fine tuning the final step: starting Tomcat and firing up the  
> HTML start page.
> - Legal issues. I have read the Sun license and tried to be nice to  
> Sun as much as possible. Especially, I tried to indemnify Sun's  
> software from the (L)GPL virus. But if you think something is not  
> legal, Let me know. I am aware of the fact that the ASF will not  
> allow something like this on their servers before these issues are  
> cleared.

Maybe it would be worth having installers hosted somewhere else as  
other projects do too.


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