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From Upayavira>
Subject Cocoon's use of Daisy on the Cocoon Zone
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 15:16:45 GMT
[[This is copied to dev@cocoon for informational purposes. For the
moment please keep infrastructure at as the principal list
for this discussion, as the issues discussed are wider than just Cocoon]]

= Cocoon and Daisy =
We have discussed this within the Cocoon PMC, and would like to start
discussions with infrastructure about our Daisy instance.

Let me start by saying that, previous to this installation, Cocoon's
documentation saw next to no movement. Now, we are regularly seeing
updates by multiple people, as can be witnessed by the list.

That change is significant for the Cocoon project.

== How it all Works ==

When we wish to publish a new document, we go to our Daisy instance and
log in. Users have various access levels. Anonymous access is allowed,
however we plan to have a robots.txt file blocking crawlers, and to put
large warnings "this content is not live content" or some such when
content is viewed anonymously.

Anyone can create an account. Logging in gives you the ability to add
comments to documents.

Users can be granted "doc-editor" rights (a lightweight proposal on the
mailing list is sufficient for this), which allows a user to edit
documents, but not publish them. (Unpublished docs will not appear on
the anonymous Daisy site). Any committer will be given doc-committer
rights, which allows them to mark a document as published after reviewing.

This allows for Stefano's lightweight documentation authorship ideas
from Doco ( - we will encourage our
users to start contributing to our documentation and make it easy for
them to do so.

When we do a new release of Cocoon, we will publish the site. This will
currently use Forrest and its Daisy plugin. The Forrest community
already have a Forrestbot set up on their zone which generates the
Cocoon site every 3 hours. We would then just need to commit that
generated site to SVN, and check that out on Minotaur for publishing.

I believe the data is stored in a combination of filesystem and Mysql.
Data is versioned in the repository, and commit notices go to our mailing list.

As explained, we do not intend to have this Daisy instance used by the
public for our live documentation, although we do want to encourage
people to use it where they see the need for modifications to our docs.

== What Next ==

So, we have definitely moved from an experiment to an 'in use'
installation. I believe our system is working well for us, and would
like to discuss further here about how we should proceed.

I believe also that our system might be of interest to other ASF
projects and thus it may be worth exploring whether it can be installed
on an alternative ASF machine.

So, where do we go from here? :-)

Regards, Upayavira

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