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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [docs] Livesites by working area
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 11:24:16 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> On 28 Oct 2005, at 12:52, Arje Cahn wrote:
>>> Sounds good. Problem with having it alongside is that we'd
>>> then need to
>>> maintain two lists.
>> Yes... We can't get Daisy to autogenerate those lists based on 
>> metadata can we?
> Of course you can. :)
> IIRC, Helma did set up a specific Live Site Document Type for these 
> pages. She might have done this for similar reasons.

Ah no, I didn't. I merely wanted to prevent xdoc editing so I moved it 
over to Daisy as quickly as possible. There isn't very much about it, 
although I have been thinking that the current layout/setup could be 
much different, so go ahead and feel free to move things around.

RT: what if there is a LiveSiteDocumentType that can hold the info we 
currently ask people to add to Jira/Bugzilla and each site is in 
separate documents. IIUC we could then create queries that could present 
the info either by Cocoon version or by category (provided we have added 
that to a metadata field).

Steven, am I correct to think that I could recreate the current page of 
Cocoon version X by doing a query include of "all LiveSiteDocument with 

Bye, Helma

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