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From Ryan Slack <>
Subject credentials cache
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 22:50:42 GMT
It was easy to add some Kerberos support by implementing Authenticator, thanks for that. However
the point of doing that was to then use the ticket later when accessing another resource (LDAP).
What would be the best way to accociate said ticket (or any other credentials) with the session
without having to encode it in xml? Would it be worth implementing Serviceable, just to gain
access to the session?

I think some of my troubles have come from a lack of understanding Avalon, however I just
found some helpful documentation under Excalibur, so now I think I'm just missing something
about IoC. I have worked with a number of other IoC frameworks, and while Cocoon does a great
job of letting me seperate concerns, Avalon doesn't seem like it does much inverting. I've
been looking at the Excalibur docs to try and clear this up; is there anywhere else I can
read about the design of Avalon?


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