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From Jeroen Reijn <>
Subject Re: [HEADS-UP] Testers wanted for the upcoming Cocoon 2.1.8
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 09:08:46 GMT

Just clicked around in the Cforms block:

- CAPTCHA validation sample is does not make sense. There is no string shown on 
the right.

- The Imagemap sample in the forms block does not make sense (it says click on 
the cocoon logo (there is none).

- Namespacebinding breaks on submit:

- Easy SQL database access sample is broken.
Breaks with error: Connection is broken: Transfer corrupted

- The locales flowscript examples do not work (for me).
   They are still in english (using FireFox and WinXP)

- Profiling information - form1 - JXTemplate
   This generates XML. I guess it should be HTML?

Hope this helps.


Torsten Curdt wrote:
>> Please report any issue or showstopper to
> The javaflow forms binding example is broken due to a cforms change.
> I assume it's an easy fix.
> The javaflow OJB example gives a PersistenceBrokerException "Used
> ConnectionManager instance could not obtain a connection"
> Same problem for the databases block. I assume hsqldb is not working
> on the zones installation.
> The proxy block "Examples" fails
> The JSF block "Documentation for this demo" gives a  
> ResourceNotFoundException:
> "No pipeline matched request: samples/blocks/faces/cardemo/javadocs"
> <map:mount> - context://samples/blocks/faces/sitemap.xmap - 107:68
> I assume the version on zones is built without javadocs?
> None of the examples from the Ajax block were working for me.
> Seems like the XSLTAL examples always returns XML instead of HTML
> Could not create an index on the querybean example
> Hope these problems are only zones related *sigh*
> Enough testing for tonight.
> cheers
> -- 
> Torsten

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