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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject [Fwd: RE: Unintentional Caching with Tomcat 5.5.x]
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2005 07:42:59 GMT
A bug? Is there any way to influence the cache key of an expires pipeline?

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Subject: RE: Unintentional Caching with Tomcat 5.5.x
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 10:29:21 +0200
From: Ard Schrijvers <>
To: <>

Is it in a noncaching/caching/expires pipeline?

I noticed the "expires" pipelines to ignore pararameters. Just set your 
logging and look for the cache key generated for the first request. If 
paramters are not represented in the cache key, then for example

will return the same cache key, and thus the same cached page. I don't 
know the behavior for caching pipelines, but for expires pipelines, the 
request paramater won't be included in the key.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Lianoglou []
> Posted At: woensdag 12 oktober 2005 9:33
> Posted To: Cocoon User List
> Conversation: Unintentional Caching with Tomcat 5.5.x
> Subject: Unintentional Caching with Tomcat 5.5.x
> Hey all,
> I'm experiencing some strange caching that I really don't intend to  
> occur. The caching seems to ignore GET params in the URL (as well as  
> POST params, for that matter)... I guess I only mention the GETs  
> being different because at least the URL string is different.
> I've set up my cocoon installation to run as the default 
> context of a  
> "virtual host" I set up in my Tomcat install (eg, a <Host> 
> element in  
> server.xml).
> I find that deleting the virtual host's working directory allows the  
> page to render with different data that actually honors the GET  
> params... This naturally only works for the very first set of GETs I  
> use to access the page... also, editing XSL templates, 
> pipelines, etc  
> for any particular URI does NOT have an effect on the URI's output  
> until I do the working directory purge.
> Anyone have any ideas about how I can permanently keep Cocoon and/or  
> Tomcat from caching these silly pages?
> I'm using Cocoon 2.1.7 and Tomcat 5.5.9

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