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From Hugo Burm <>
Subject Cocoon Setup.exe for Windows
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 21:38:18 GMT
I had some fun with the NSIS installer for Windows 
( and created a Setup.exe for Cocoon that 
should run fine both on a completely fresh "out of the box" MS Windows 
system, as on a system with Java, Tomcat et al. already installed.

- The Setup.exe  (73 Mb) for Windows is built upon the following components:
a) Sun JRE 1.5.04 with the javac.exe and server version of the java.exe 
added to it. According to the Sun license you are allowed to do this and 
distribute this as long as you add some value to it (your own software) 
and you do not replace Sun components.
b) Tomcat  5.5.9
c) Full build of Cocoon 2.1.7

- The installation process starts Tomcat and tries to open an URL giving 
you access to the Cocoon samples. I tested this on three systems. Two 
out of three worked OK. The third one probably had no decent browser 

- On my system (Athlon 2000) it takes a few seconds to download the 
Setup.exe from a network drive. It takes 70 seconds to unpack and 
install the package. It takes 25 seconds to start Tomcat and access the 
Cocoon samples. Cocoon up and running in 100 seconds!

- Off course, downloading 73 Mb will take some time if you have a modem. 
But the simplicity of the Setup may appeal to users: just clicking on 
Setup.exe and pressing "next, next, next" (anyone ever tried to read 
these messages before pressing "next" :-) )

You can find the Setup.exe at: (73 Mb !!)

If you want to know how it works: the NSIS skeleton: (12 kB, skeleton, actual 
content removed)

I am interested in:
- If there is some demand for something like this
- Whether this actually worked for anyone
- Fine tuning the final step: starting Tomcat and firing up the HTML 
start page.
- Legal issues. I have read the Sun license and tried to be nice to Sun 
as much as possible. Especially, I tried to indemnify Sun's software 
from the (L)GPL virus. But if you think something is not legal, Let me 
know. I am aware of the fact that the ASF will not allow something like 
this on their servers before these issues are cleared.

Hugo Burm

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