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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [docs] test publish from daisy
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:16:57 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> The number is because daisy uses numbers rather than names to identify 
>> every page. There are ways around this in either Forrest or Daisy but 
>> it is quite a bit of work.
> Well, as I wrote earlier: I've entered a nodeId for each page in the 
> navigation.xml. You could use that one instead.

Unfortunately that isn't so simple since the Daisy HTTP and Java APIs 
only allows you to retrieve a document via its unique number.

The first version of the Forrest plugin retrieved the content from the 
wiki interface and thus enabled content to be read with the name given 
in the navigation document. I can revive that in the short term, but it 
on my ToDo list to create a locationmap out of the daisy navigation 
document (or Daisy books definition, I've not explored that yet), this 
will enable content to be retrieved with the name given in there.

>> I'm hesitant to address these two issues right now since I want to 
>> explore using Daisy Books for the published docs navigation systems 
>> instead.
> I'd say go for the Daisy Books, but what would the contribution of 
> Forrest be, other than skinning?

Integration of content from multiple sources and multiple types.

For example, Daisy does not render uploaded files, it simply provides a 
download link. Nor can it integrate, for example, content generated by 
an M2 build (e.g. Javadocs) or content from a third party site, such as 
the Cocoon GetTogether site, or mailing list archives, blogs etc.

At present there is no such integration of content, but I believe there 
should be. There is much information out there that is valuable and 
under a suitable license for reproduction on the Cocoon site (with 
appropraite links and credits). Using Forrest as the publishing engine 
allows us to use that content, without duplicating it. All it requires 
is someone with the necessary karma to add a link to it in the Forrest site.


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