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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Is Cocoon Obsolete?
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 11:52:58 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:

>Jaka Jaksic <jaka.jaksic <at>> writes:
>>But even then you realize that accessing the natural functionality (and power)
>>of Cocoon is often very difficult, because there is no obvious API and no
>>function library to access the core functionality.
>BTW, this is the most negative issue with Cocoon at least one person has (I
>don't mean myself and I don't want to speak in his name, so leave him
>anonymous): Cocoon does not really provide an API you can program to. Take even
>such a simple task as accessing session/request/etc.
Agree about the lack of well defined API. Both in the sense that we 
don't mark what is supposed to externally reusable and reasonable stable 
interfaces. And in the sense that we have had feature creep in our core 
interfaces as Berin showed for Processor.

For session, request etc I think we should migrate to the servlet apis 
as I wrote in an other message. Having own interfaces in this area 
doesn't make that much sense anymore.

Also having well defined internal APIs will make Cocoon easier to 
develop and mantain as it will be easier to understand what is going on.

At some stage I think we should provide a pure API jar that contains the 
API that define Cocoon and nothing more. As a first step we could start 
to move out component implementations from the core, to make the core 
leaner and make it clearer how things are inter related.


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