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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Roadmap for Cocoon Blocks
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 03:23:24 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> So here is the roadmap and let's discuss it "officially" on the mailing 
> list:

I don't recall that m2 will be ready when 2.2 is out. If m2 is not ready, it 
should not delay the release. So, I suggest slight change of plan:

> - Cocoon 2.2 will not use OSGi but will support blocks as far as possible:
>    - blocks protocol (= sitemap blocks)
>    - a block gets its own component manager that contains all local 
>      components
>      and gets the block component managers of all wired blocks as parent.
>    - blocks are distributed as binaries
>    - blocks are *not* spread over different directories during deployment
>    - a block can contain classes in [block]/BLOCK-INF/classes that are 
>      added
>      to the context classloader
>    --> this means that everything, that real blocks promise, works 
>        except the
>        shielding of Java classes.

- Cocoon 2.3
      - we use M2 as build and deployment tool (needs some special M2 plug-ins
        for the deployment part)

> - Cocoon 3.0 will use OSGi --> shielding classloader and hot plugablillity
> Although Daniel has emphasized this many times I want to repeat it: We 
> don't need to branch trunk for this roadmap. OSGi development can be 
> done in parallel and we can avoid the unsatisfying situation of 
> maintaining two branches.


> Of course future development can show that this or that is not possible 
> or should be done differently (who knows now, if OSGi will really make 
> it) but IMO it's nice to have a goal and something that we can 
> communicate to other projects that depend on Cocoon so that they have 
> enough time to adapt their design decisions.

Sounds good.


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