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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [Docs] Articles on Cocoon
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 13:53:17 GMT
Torsten Curdt wrote:
>>> - what would be the most interesting site/magazine to get this  
>>> series published? I intend to get them up on our documentation  site 
>>> as well, just have to figure out what the most effective  publishing 
>>> schedule is.
>> I think O'Reillynet/ is a good place. O'Reilly has wanted a  
>> book on cocoon forever, which I started and dumped, then Steven  
>> restarted and dumped (or held), so it didn't happen.
>> Not sure there is enough traction for an entire column on cocoon,  but 
>> we might well ask, a lot of people in O'Reilly have good  respect for 
>> Cocoon.
> Actually I had this idea a while ago. The Cocoon bible. Written by
> the people who wrote it. Having a couple more authors to split the
> huge task.
> We could even make it an Open Source book. Available as a pdf or
> in print for the ones who want to hold something in there hands.
> I would love that...

As said, I also think that writing a book is a huge task. I'm sure 
Carsten and Matthew can give great insight in this. ;-) Hell, my own 
thesis is proceeding with only a few lines a day, so I know.

Let's not jump into illusions. As much as I cannot tell the lot of you 
to "rewrite Cocoon and divide the work among the most active 
committers", it's impossible to do the same for the documentation.

What we CAN try, is what Steven already suggested: get the documentation 
into a coherent and complete state and use that as a book. This will be 
a slow and gradual process.

For now I want short articles that can appear in magazines, and of 
course they end up on our website.

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