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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [Docs] Articles on Cocoon
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 12:49:08 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> Hi,
> this is both a notification and some requests.
> During the GT I've asked several people in the community to write an 
> article on an aspect of Cocoon. The intention is to get a series of a 
> few articles and have them published in an (online) magazine or other 
> relevant site to promote/expose Cocoon.
> The intended readers are:
> - those unfamiliar with Cocoon/those that think Cocoon is only suitable 
> for small, almost static websites.
> - those that are familiar with Cocoon and run into a similar problem.
> So the article should not be too technical, but give enough information 
> to help the readers in the second group to find more information. Given 
> the target group the articles should not be too long, certainly not more 
> than 5 pages, probably less.
> So far I've been promised:
> - Cocoon and large websites by Pier and Ross McDonald, focus on 
> performance issues
> - Cocoon and security by Ralph, focus on security issues in internet 
> banking
> - Cocoon and AJAX by Sylvain, focus on how easy it is in Cocoon
> - Cocoon and performance by Jack Ivers and Vadim, focus on a comparison 
> of XSLT processors
> - Cocoon and CMS by Steven, focus on the role/advantages of Cocoon in Daisy


How about something about Cocoon as a service integration platform? 
Massimo, Matthew and Gianugo, between the three of you, I'm sure you 
have something to say.

I would like to see the success stories too, like the sites that won 
awards that are powered by cocoon.... or the behind-the-scene integrators.

> Requests:
> - are there more people willing to contribute articles that could fit 
> this series?

I think you should convince our more CTO-ish type of committers that 
even if they are so overwhelmed and busy these days, it's probably good 
for their business and cocoon's in general, if we show off a little more 
what we achieved. More real life case studies and serious stuff can 
bring a lot of solidity to the question "why should I use this stuff?" 
that CTO/CIOs ask.

> - what would be the most interesting site/magazine to get this series 
> published? I intend to get them up on our documentation site as well, 
> just have to figure out what the most effective publishing schedule is.

I think O'Reillynet/ is a good place. O'Reilly has wanted a book 
on cocoon forever, which I started and dumped, then Steven restarted and 
dumped (or held), so it didn't happen.

Not sure there is enough traction for an entire column on cocoon, but we 
might well ask, a lot of people in O'Reilly have good respect for Cocoon.


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