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From hepabolu <>
Subject [Docs] Semi-automatic update process of the Cocoon documentation
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 12:16:13 GMT
After talks to several people I feel we need a semi-automatic update 
process of the Cocoon documentation to

Several reasons:
- frequent updates show users that there is concern about their 
documentation wishes. We might even write documentation that answers 
FAQs and point the users to that, rather than rewriting the information 
on the mailing list.
- semi-automatic updates avoid the reinvention of the wheel for every 
committer trying to update the website and avoid the errors that created 
the current crippled site.
- the current Daisy on the cocoon.zones contains the most recent version 
of the documentation and provides an easier way of adding and updating 
the documentation.
- with the current update of Daisy, Daisy books have become available 
and allow the documentation to be exported as a book in both HTML and PDF.

New process:
- set up a small Cocoon branding website in the current xdocs section 
with only a few pages that contain relative static content. Compare it 
to the Springframework website.
- These pages contain links to the actual reference documentation which 
are available as Daisy book in both HTML (for browsing on the website) 
and in PDF (for downloading and printing).
- on cocoon.zones a Forrest configuration is setup with all the tweaks 
necessary to get the job done.
- a script is created that can do the Daisy books export, do the Forrest 
conversion and the upload on the site and all the 
necessary steps in between.
- the end result of the script is that the documentation is available as 
a complete website on AND for inclusion in the next 
Cocoon release.
- a secured "button" is available for committers to start this script. 
Whether it is available as a password protected page, a ssh command or 
- a notification can be sent to the dev-list when the site update hasn't 
been done in X days.


It would be good to get the end result as described (but manual, rather 
than semi-automatic for now) ASAP for inclusion in the upcoming 2.1.8 

Bye, Helma

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