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From Christoph Hermann <>
Subject Re: [RT] seven good reasons to close down
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 16:56:08 GMT
Thomas Lutz schrieb:

Hello list,

> Although I am not sure wether I know how this framework works yet :-), I
> am quite sure the drop in traffic has a lot to do with it. So +1 for me.
> Where are the new users that start with cocoon ? I think, whoever starts
> with cocoon has enough "webexperience" to first search the
> mailarchives... and most answers are there now..

There are 'some' users questions on IRC freenode/#cocoon and some
xml-channels too and there are also some bulletin boards out there where
one talks about cocoon.
Imho the problem with cocoon is the high learning curve at the beginning
(i faced this problem too), but it gets more and more fun when you know
more ;).

I would not join the two lists together because users would get all the
bugzilla-posts, "offtopic", etc. discussions which would confuse
beginners (like me when i started).

It would be better to copy the users-posts to the dev-list if its too
complicated for the dev's to subscribe to the users-list ;-)

And hey, you get really good support on IRC when you have enough time to
wait :)

Just my 2cents

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