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From JD Daniels>
Subject Re: [RT] seven good reasons to close down
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 15:34:24 GMT
For a very long time now, I have been subscribed to both lists, and have 
my rule put them all in the same mail folder. :)

This is a good idea IMHO


Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> In these days of wild thoughts, here's another one: how about closing 
> the users@ list and having just one list for cocoon-related discussions?
> I think I have a few good reasons for this:
> One: The line between cocoon users and developers is fairly thin, it is 
> not as in Open Office for example, where most users do not even know 
> what the C language is. Our users are more and more competent software 
> developers who would often have interesting things to say if they were 
> around, and might like this place more if they felt more involved. 
> Cocoon has been finding its niche as a tool for serious application 
> developers, as opposed to a press-button publishing tool, which it has 
> never been and will never be.
> Two: my guess is that many dev@ subscribers could answer some users@ 
> questions very quickly, but sometimes we don't bother looking at the 
> list, and some of us are probably not even subscribed there. It's a 
> waste of energy, and has probably caused otherwise competent people to 
> go away after not getting good enough answers.
> Three: dev@ subscribers tend to use good messages subjects and [TOPIC 
> MARKERS] in subject lines to make the lists easy to filter, visually or 
> automatically. So I'm not worried about the increased traffic, we'll 
> find a way to make it sortable by teaching our community about good 
> subject lines or defining a few more [markers].  Okay, this is not 
> really a *reason*, but it's needed for my argumentation ;-D
> Four: for many subjects one does not know on which list to post, again a 
> waste of energy as threads regulary bounce between the lists. We 
> developers tend to discuss between ourselves things that are of general 
> interest, without bothering to move to users@ as it's not "our home".
> Five: having two lists, one for Highly Qualified Meritocratic Core 
> Developers and another for Mere Users does not sound like the openness 
> and flat structure that we're advocating (I'm being a bit provocative 
> here, on purpose ;-)
> Six; the closing down of the docs@ list has only been positive, by 
> defragmenting the community w.r.t docs and allowing all developers to be 
> informed of what's happening with the [docs] (hint: note the good use of 
> the [marker]).
> Seven: Having a single point of discussion will help us know our users 
> better, this alone is worth its weight in bytes.
> So, WDYT?
> -Bertrand

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