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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject [VOTE] bugzilla issues cleanup
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 12:32:17 GMT
After our recent discussions 
(, I suggest 
cleaning up our bugzilla issues, with the help of those who entered 
them, as outlined below.

As this impacts our user's perception and the handling of our 
all-important issues list, I'd like to have your votes before 

Here's the plan:

0) Send a warning to, that 1) will generate a lot 
of mails from bugzilla, people should filter them to a different 

1) Set all open issues (except those filed since September 1st, but 
including patches) to resolution=LATER and PRIORITY=P5, and add to each 
issue the comment shown under "Bugzilla comment to send" on BugzillaIssuesCleanup. This can be done 
en masse in bugzilla.

This will send a mail to issue reporters, people in CC and assignees 
(which means many mails here).

2) People receive the mail with a link to and find detailed 
instructions there.

They can either close the issue if it's not valid anymore, or reopen 
it, see the wiki page for details.

3) We wait 2 weeks, until October 31st

4) After this deadline, Issues in state LATER and containing 
BUGZILLA_CLEANUP_2005_10 are  those which were not confirmed, we can 
reopen them if we want, or they stay in that state, with priority=P5 in 
any case.

I'm planning to do 1) on Monday the 17th, to start the process.

The planned migration to Jira 
( will have to 
wait until this process is done.

Please cast your votes, here's mine:


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