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From Steinar Jonsson <>
Subject Javaflow and 2.1.8
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2005 22:19:31 GMT
I have played a little with 2.1.8 and have two problems related to javaflow. 

Problem 1: I cannot get access to sitemap parameters. This is supposedly 
fixed in 2.2, but would be nice to have in 2.1 also. 

Problem 2: I cannot get a selection box value change event to terminate and give control back to my flow code.
It looks like this is what's happening:
- the form is initially set to invalid, validations are supposed to possibly 
  set it to valid
- the result of calling endProcessing() is that no validation takes place 
  so the form remains invalid
- if the form is invalid it is redisplayed no matter what

These problems are not new, it's the same in 2.1.7.

Steinar Jonsson

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