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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: [RT] Rules for adding blocks and functionality?
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 04:50:26 GMT
On Monday 24 October 2005 02:20, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> * We really need to get rid of obsolete stuff. Must really every single
> block go to 2.2? Are there some oneman shows that better could be
> returned to their creator and driven on source forge or Cocoon-dev?

Agree, but to accommodate people who thinks elsewise, deprecate old stuff in 
2.2, then in the 3.0 all the deprecated stuff is 'gone'.

I would like to propose;

 1. Make Apache Cocoon 3.0 into the slim down, no frills, no blocks, no
    nothing, thing that has been discussed recently.

 2. Create subprojects in Apache Cocoon for heavily used blocks, which "every"
    user can't live without. Since blocks are bundles, something like the
    Oscar Bundle Repository would make it a piece of cake for users to install

 3. Create a user friendly "block exchange" elsewhere (cocoon-dev), where
    developers can publish and categorize their creations even if they are 
    not Cocoon committers. A kind of "Wiki brought to Coding", which I find
    The 'deprecated' stuff is moved here, for the sake of availability, and
    allowance to fix bugs et cetera. Rhymes well with Daniel's assertion that
    it becomes the user's reponsibility to maintain. As well as, "Don't kill
    old stuff." and "Respect the past" expressed by others.

IMHO, this stiffness around "must have a functioning developer community" is a 
bit irritating at times. E.g. given a choice of a chunk of code without 
community support that does what I need, versus writing the stuff myself... 
What do I choose ??
For massive codebases, platforms and hard-to-solve problem domains, the 
"healthy community" is important, but the closer to "No other options, than I 
have to do it myself" you get, the lesser sense such a stance make. And small 
blocks, IMO, falls into such category.


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