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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Docs] Semi-automatic update process of the Cocoon documentation
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 01:43:45 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> hepabolu wrote:
> >After talks to several people I feel we need a semi-automatic update 
> >process of the Cocoon documentation to

We have always needed this, but not possible with the
current setup of the project publishing mechanism at
If committers want to help, then subscribe to site-dev at a.o

> <snip what="details of proposal"/>
> All sounds great, in fact, most of the "automated" publishing side an be 
> done by the ForrestBot. See
> The forrestbot can publish via various methods including SVN.

Yes it can. However there are issues.

Apache projects store the generated documents in SVN
and they are 'svn checkout' on the server to create
the website.

The forrestbot on our zone cannot automatically commit
them to the Cocoon SVN because forrestbot has no svn account.
It is not a committer.

All that forrestbot can do is to generate them on to
the server  (i.e. a staging area) but that does not
get them published onto the actual server. Hence the
site-dev discussion list is addressing this and other
site publishing issues.

Note that our zone is still very basic, only me working
there occasionally. We don't even use the zone forrestbot
for the Forrest project yet (just doing some useful
continuous build and error reporting so far).

For Forrest's own website, the committers use a local
forrestbot. Two easy commands and a publish is done:
'build; deploy'. Then we have a cronjob on the server
to do 'svn update'.
See forrest-trunk/etc/publishing_our_site.txt

That is the method that i recommend at this stage.


> I just have to find the time to do the test build using Forrest+Daisy 
> (should be in the next day or two).
> Ross

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