On 9/8/05, Torsten Schlabach <tschlabach@apache.org> wrote:
I agree, this would be a good idea!

We just need to make sure that one (better two) people take care of the
recording and publishing. We also need to make sure that the audio
system will provide a suitable connection.

Where would the RSS be published? On the Cocoon zone?

I was thinking cocoongt.org ... the content could be purely static ... or we could build something smarter.  But I don't really know details of how that site is hosted, what other options there might be, etc. Others probably know better.


Agile Jack schrieb:
> As a devoted podcast listener -- is there any way we can do simple audio
> capture of GT2005 sessions and then post on cocoongt.org
> <http://cocoongt.org> site as a podcast?  This would be extremely valuable.
>  From what I have been hearing, capturing useful quality audio isn't
> that hard or expensive -- just need decent microphones and most
> importantly, make sure we use them consistently. Probably some of you
> already have experience?
> Simpler certainly than trying to capture & publish video ...