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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: 2 small patches...
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 11:30:46 GMT
Hi Thomas,

Thomas Lutz wrote:

> I have two small contributions/patches for the cforms, which maybe could
> be included in the next release... Sorry for posting this to the dev
> list, but I am not sure wether the patches are useful/correct, and
> looking at bugzilla I get the feeling that patches are rather not
> integrated without some attention from the dev list :-)
> a) Two issues regarding (diff follows below) (I use
> javaflow with cforms)
> a1) additional constructor that allows FormInstance to accept a locale
> (without this constructor there's no chance to pass the user agents
> locale to a javaflow FormInstance). This works for me, although I am not
> sure wether it is the right solution (see
> a2) an improvement of validation handling when a submit widget should
> submit without validation
> b) Added id to output of validation-message and validation-error in
> forms-field-styling.xsl, so that the javascript alerts can be tested
> with unit tests (new template-match snip follows below). The id of the
> link is val_error_ + widget id. Not sure if the naming is ok for you,
> just tell if you want something different.

Thanks for the patch.

Please file this in bugzilla so it won't get lost in ml traffic.


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