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From BURGHARD Éric <>
Subject Re: Creating a Bugzilla RSS feed using Cocoon
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 09:12:48 GMT

I tryed jira when i was looking for a bug-tracking system for my project,
and finally prefered bugzilla for its simplicity (well my project is not as
big as cocoon), even if i found it quite ugly compared to jira.

Then i found Trac[1], i think it could be valuable for cocoon if you look
for a bugzilla replacement candidat. You should definitively try a look at
it. It's extremly simple and usefull.

It can replace your wiki, your subversion browser and bugzilla. It provide
very clean bugs reports (fully customisable), milestones status with
charts[2]. Perhaps the most usefull feature is that you can link every
information from all the parts.

All texts can be writen with a wiki syntax[3]: commit message, wiki pages,
milestone descriptions, ticket description/comment. Syntax coloring is
available for your code snippets (js,sql,java,c,...).

The linking feature is perhaps the most usefull. I can wrote in every part
of Trac, something like

 * 'see #314' to provide a link to bug 314 description
 * 'see [312]' for link to repository revision 312
 * 'see {4}' for a link to a custom bug report (n°4)
 * 'milestone:brouzouf' for a link to the milestone description. Milestone
view provide a clean charts component by component to see on which part you
should concentrate.
 * 'see CFormsBinding' for a link to a wiki page
 * 'see source:cocoon/trunk/build.xml' for a link to a particular source in
the repository

After that, looking for every aspect of your developpement (roadmap,
tickets, sources, specs) is just a matter of clics.

One problem with bugzilla or other tracking systems is that you should
manually synchronise bugs and revisions. With Trac, some hook scripts are
provided for subversion which interpret commit messages like

"blabla. fixe #56, ref #314 ad #254"

and automaticly close ticket #56 and add the commit message to ticket #314
and #254 without the need to go into the bugtracking system.

Tickets[4] report are fully customisable. RSS feeds[5] are provided for
every aspect of Trac (tikets, reports, wiki changes, milestone changes),
separated or mixed. The subversion browser[6] is better that WebSVN.

Finally, it's ligth, really easy to install and setup, and easy to modify
(python). There is a bunch of wiki macros[7] that let you add TOC,
FootNotes, SideMenus, Tags, to your pages (plugins).

The migration from bugzilla is painless (at least for 2.16, but i submit a
patch for bugzilla 2.18), and you can import all your MoinMoinWiki pages.

My 0.2€



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