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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: patch commit request
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 08:09:14 GMT
hepabolu wrote:

>> IIRC all it requires is a patch to the correct file in the docs.  As
>> far as publishing the changes, IIRC (and I could be wrong on this),
>> you'd have to run Forrest on the docs, and then commit the new
>> generated page to the repo for the Cocoon website.

I tried looking for this file last night but only found
livesites-2.1.html , i take it there is an xml version of this
somewhere. Is this
stuff still uptodate?

> We don't want to leave the submissions to the livesites too long
> "invisible", but adding the info to the current xdocs rather than Daisy
> looks like a waste of effort.


> I currently have no solution to this problem, someone else maybe?

How about we add it to both for the time being? It's not like we're
being flooded with these requests ATM so the duplication effort is limited.

Alternatively we could clean out that page in the current xdocs and put
a link to the migrated content in daisy.



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