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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject Eclipse w/ 2.1.7
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 18:36:15 GMT


I've been studying the cocoon w/ eclipse wiki page 
( (thanks Torsten S. for 
updating! :-)

The part under "Older Material" now says:

	"--- The stuff below may be deprecated as of 2.1.8-dev. It was 
definitely the way to go in 2.1.6. Maybe someone can take the time and 
test with 2.1.7. We should keep it around for people who need to stick 
to older releases for production support for a while."

I'm going to "test with 2.1.7"... but can somebody clarify what was 
changed in in 2.1.8 to obviate the "old way"?  Apparently in 2.1.8, the 
" eclipse-project" is no longer necessary?  Anyway, if someone 
cares to provide some hints for me on this, I'd be glad to update the Wiki.

Actually the Wiki page is a little confusing because it appears to maybe 
conflate two orthogonal concerns: 2.1.8 vs. 2.1.[67], and Subclipse vs. 
importing from the distribution...?

Any add'l info appreciated! :-)

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