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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Shall we switch to Jira?
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 19:43:12 GMT
On 14 Sep 2005, at 15:15, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Le 14 sept. 05, à 16:10, Pier Fumagalli a écrit :
>> ...Again, I'm going to set up a _test_, I'll set it up so that  
>> only people in the Cocoon group can see the project and can do  
>> anything with it (so that users won't get confused). Is that all  
>> right for you guys?..
> yes, thanks.

Ok, I imported the old stuff from BugZilla, and made a few tweaks:


The workflow in use is a simplified one, there are only three statuses:
- Open
- Closed
- Reopened

I took out the "In Progress" and "Resolved" as I personally never  
found any use for it, and I wanted to show off the simples JIRA setup  
possible, but they can be re-inserted at any time (actually if  
someone has better workflow ideas, I'm all ears).


I've basically created a field for Cocoon identifying the  
"part" (Samples, Components, Documentation, Flowscript, ...). The  
components right now are exactly equivalent to Blocks, so, one can  
say that there is a bug in the "Validation Block" component,  
affecting the "Samples" and "Sitemap" parts...


I've "rolled" (marked as released) all 2.0 an 2.1 cocoon versions.  
All of the released versions apart from 2.1.7 and 2.0.4 are  
"archived" (meaning that noone can enter bugs on those, but  
versioning information is kept in the database).

There are three "non-released" version: 2.0.5-DEV, 2.1.8-DEV and 2.2- 
DEV. When a bug gets fixed, one can say that it's fixed in 2.1.8-DEV  
and when we release 2.1.8, we "archive" 2.1.7, rename "2.1.8-DEV" as  
"2.1.8", and mark it as released (it's easier if you go in and see  
how it works, rather than explaining it).


I simplified the screens for entering new bugs to the bare minimum  
and added comments. Entering a new bug right now should be very  


There are _NO_ email notifications going out at the moment. I don't  
want to clutter the list with superfluous mail. I can set it up so  
that mails go to the users who want to test it only and not to the  
mailing list if required.


The project owner is "", and I'm the only member  
of the cocoon-developers group for now. Who wants to have access for  


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