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From "Arje Cahn" <>
Subject RE: [GT2005] Capture Audio for Podcast?
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 23:08:07 GMT
Hi all,

> We just need to make sure that one (better two) people take care of the
> recording and publishing. We also need to make sure that the audio
> system will provide a suitable connection. 

There will be microphones, we got the little wireless ones, and given the fact that the conference
room is actually a *cinema* I think they'll have a pretty decent audio system too... There's
a technician available to help us with this kind of things, and if someone would be willing
to team up with him/her and get the recording going, that would be very much appreciated!
I'm afraid I'm not the right guy for A/V stuff..

> I was thinking ... the content could be purely static ... or we could build

> something smarter.  But I don't really know details of how that site is hosted, what
> options there might be, etc. Others probably know better.

The site is hosted on one of our dedicated machines. It's a Cocoon website with
Hippo CMS behind it running on a pretty decent Linux box. If we could setup a list of requirements
for the recording, also in terms of hardware/software/memory/disk/bandwith, I'm sure we'll
be able to set it up. I'd be happy to host the recordings, at least during the GT itself,
although maybe afterwards it might be good to switch to an Apache mirrored environment (?
not sure if that's possible).

BTW; If possible I would prefer video!


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