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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: Do we want a GUI installer?
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 19:39:35 GMT
On 9/22/05, Upayavira <> wrote:
> Daniele Madama wrote:
> Idea is simple, but works. I like the fact that it respects the
> dependency information. That will ease people's lives a lot. My Ant
> based installer didn't do that.
> Here's a few thoughts:
>   1. Could you show the dependency information in the right hand pane? It
>      isn't always clear as to why a block's tick is grayed out.
>   2. Could you add a page/tab for the basic options in
>   3. Could you add a pane that actually invokes Ant? If you could do
>      that, and added a 'welcome' pane, you'd have written a full
>      installer, which would be excellent. All it would need to do is set
>      stdout to an output stream that gets written to a list box or text
>      box, and has a cancel button.
>   4. Could you make it use a more modern UI style?

I'll add #5 then: adding a Jetty control pane to start/stop the webapp.

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