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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Bricks example app in our whiteboard, WDYT?
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 09:39:57 GMT
Le 19 sept. 05, à 11:27, Upayavira a écrit :

> Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>> ...The app uses all ASF components: Hivemind, OJB and Derby, so 
>> licenses are clean (some non-ASL things will be downloaded from 
>> ibiblio at build time, with an appropriate warning).
> What non-ASL things?

Those that hivemind requires, and which it downloads in the same way 

Actually I'm not even sure  if any of these dependencies have licenses 
that we couldn't distribute, I was thinking about javassist but I just 
checked and it's MPL/LGPL dual-license 

But I think I'm going to do as hivemind does and download these things 
at build time for convenience and to avoid any legal problems.

> ...I don't believe we're yet in a position to supply software which 
> downloads non-ASF components from elsewhere...

We have a few cases already (mail block for example) where users must 
download non-ASL stuff themselves, so what's the problem with making 
this semi-automatic, as long as we don't distribute these things 

This is what hivemind does (, but 
with a very prominent warning at build time: a disclaimer is displayed 
and the build only continues if you type the word "continue". That's 
what I mean by "semi-automatic", people have to explicitely agree 
before the download proceeds.

IMHO this is in line with our current policies, don't you think so?

>  ...Having said that, putting something into SVN isn't strictly 
> "releasing" software, but we do need to be aware of what we're putting 
> in....

Sure, hence my intention to mimick what hivemind does and not put the 
libraries that it requires in SVN.

> ...I am keen to see stuff put onto the whiteboard - I'm curious to see 
> where it takes us from here...

Thanks, so am I of course ;-)


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