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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject CForms: AJAX problem since update
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 17:20:02 GMT
Hi All,

I have some forms that used the JX Macro form generator and AJAX,  
that worked before the recent update to the 2.2 version of CForms,  
but fail now.

The form contains some regular text fields, a repeater with a row-add  
button and a union with associated selection widget.

The repeater works fine.

The union with it's selection widget stopped working when I updated.

I can see in TCPMon, when you change the selector menu, all the right  
data is submitted.

I get this error when the on-change event occurs for the union  
selector :

org.apache.cocoon.forms.FormsRuntimeException: Form is not a repeater
         at fd:form - file:/[blah]/forms/[blah]-model.xml:5:2
         at <jx:if> - resource://org/apache/cocoon/forms/generation/ 
         at <ft:repeater> - file:/[blah]/forms/[blah]-template.xml:30:35
         . . .

If I remove the repeater, the Union and it's selector work correctly.

I get a similar error under different circumstances.

Our pages use TimeBrowserUpdate widgets. That use the same  
BrowserUpdateTransformer to update small regions of the page,  
triggered by a timer on the Browser (and I still mean to commit this  
once I know where to put it).

This used to work as well. Since the update however, when you use one  
of these widgets in a page that also has a form that is generated  
using JX Macros, you get this error on update :

         at <jx:if> - resource://org/apache/cocoon/forms/generation/ 
         at <ft:widget> - file:[blah]/forms/search-advanced- 

When the TBU updates, it sends only it's own data, not that of the form.

If you set the fd:form/@ajax to false, then the union starts working,  
but the TBU still has the same error.

If you process the form using FormsTransformer instead of JXMacro  
generator, then it works as expected. (You have to switch between  
repeater and repeater widget, I don't know why).

I can see that the implementation of JX Macros has changed  
completely, but as of yet I cannot work out the cause of the problem.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

regards Jeremy
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