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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: [RT] Is Cocoon Obsolete?
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 23:28:03 GMT
Very interesting read.  As with all inovations, the greatest 
achievements are usually the "side issues".  The SoC, component 
frameworks, et al, helped improve the way we think about approaching the 
development of software.  While that has little to do with web 
publication, the contributions to the development world are certainly there.

However, I do disagree in one area (see below)

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> If you ask me, the current infatuation with Ruby on Rails and friends, 
> while understanding and to the point (the need to avoid XML pushups, 
> so true), will fail dramatically short in scale to complex systems. 
> Just like M$ Word is great to write one/two pages and it fails 
> miserably to help you with your thesis, something like rails is 
> awesome for your blog or single-handed ecommerce web site, it would 
> kill you no less than PHP with a massively complex web site.

I'll be honest that I am currently infatuated with Ruby and Ruby on 
Rails in particular, but it is more the way that they approach the 
problem of writing a web application.  The contribution is the 
simplicity and power of convention over configuration.  Think about it, 
all the reams of paper that the Cocoon configuration files and Sitemaps 
take up in XML are largely unnecessary in the Rails world because there 
is an intelligent default behavior.  Just like Cocoon, the overarching 
principle of design behind that framework improves the development 
world.  We may be reading something like your post about Rails in the 
future, nevertheless the underpinning design mindset can influence the 
process of writing great software.

Truth be told, I am less convinced about Mozilla as a platform than I am 
about either Cocoon or Rails.  I don't doubt there is great power that 
the browser gives the developer and the user, but at the same time there 
is even less to help the poor newbie get emersed into that world.  When 
I see a coherent Mozilla development environment I may change my mind.  
As of right now, there are new possibilities but the barrier of entry is 
still too high for the Mozilla as a platform.

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