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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject [RT] Multiple Portal Applications
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2005 05:51:30 GMT
The current portal engine has been designed with the idea to have
several different portal applications (portals) running in the same
Cocoon instance. So basically you can have different portals with
different configuration.

Unfortunately, there are some problems in the current implementation
that in theory make it possible but might cause trouble. For example,
some components of the portal engine are shared by all portal instances.
So its not possible to have a different configuration.

Fortunately, with Cocoon 2.2 we can solve this simply by using the per
sitemap configuration/class loading. So instead of defining the portal
components in the main cocoon.xconf (or the xconf directory), you define
your portal application in the sitemap (directory) of your portal. If
you have two portals you have two different sitemaps and each of them is
using a different configuration = a different set of components. There
are problems wrt configuration as each portal uses it's own set.
I already did this for the portal sample in 2.2, it uses some includes
to define the basic portal components and has some additional
configuration. Imho the whole configuration is now much easier.

Now, if we go this route - which I think we should - and associate a
portal with a sitemap having it's own set of components we can clean up
some code in the portal. Currently for example we have a "generic"
portal service that detects on each request which portal application is
the active one. To detect this, the sitemap contains an action as a
first command that tells the service which portal is active. With the
changes described a sitemap defines one portal and there is only one
portal service, so no action required anymore, no lookup inside the
portal service and so on.

If noone objects, I'll remove the extra code in the next days. Please
note that if you're having only one portal instance per Cocoon
installation, nothing changes for you anyway.

Carsten Ziegeler - Open Source Group, S&N AG

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