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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: VariableResolver in I18nTransformer
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 05:17:02 GMT
Hello Ralph,

On 26.09.2005 01:17, Ralph Goers wrote:

> In fact, after looking at 
> the code again I think the statement I made below is wrong. I'm pretty 
> sure that I won't be affected the way I anticipated.

nice to hear. I also could not imagine how fix 2 should have influence 
on pure usage (in contrary to extension) of i18n. It should have been 
only an internal change making the bundle unmodifiable, which allowed to 
simplify the interaction with the bundle factory.

> My I18n configuration looks like:
> <catalogues default="banking">
>  <catalogue id="banking" name="banking">
>    <location>prefs://BCI18nCatalogs/</location>
>    <location>prefs://I18nCatalogs/</location>
>  </catalogue>
> </catalogues>

Fix 1 was about always getting the same catalogue for a first location 
(here "prefs://BCI18nCatalogs/"), independent from the latter locations. 
I fixed this but broke something else, what Vadim fixed between fix 1 and 2.

> Looking at the code, 
> it is still using the system id as the cache key so I shouldn't 
> experience any problems.  I was anticipating that I would be forced to 
> put a varaible into the location to represent the bank name, but that 
> doesn't appear to be the case.

No, it still should work.

> I guess the issue is, some users don't seem to be able to reload their 
> catalogs.  Now, when I first started working with the I18nTransformer it 
> didn't allow catalog reloading.  That appears to have been addressed in 
> January 2004.  However, the mails I am seeing here indicate that it is 
> not working, at least in some circumstances.

I never really tested it if it works for our application.


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