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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Are svn externals a good idea?
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2005 12:34:21 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>Upayavira wrote:
>>Yup. I'm game. But we need some kind of interim build process don't we?
>Hmm, perhaps - my idea is still that if we start separating it, people
>will provide an interim build or even better start a real blocks build
A "real blocks build system" is IMO M2 with an OSGi bundle plugin. There 
is ongoing work on such a thing on Felix-dev. For the moment we are more 
designers than implementers ;) so the progress is rather slow, help 
would be appriciated. In the longer term there could be more to the 
block build system, but M2 with OSGi bundle support is enough to get going.


>>Also, gump.xml refers to all blocks. Presumably we could have 
>> which points to 
>>all of the gump.xml's for each of our blocks - somewhere we'll have to 
>>tell Gump what we do.
>Don't know much about Gump, but if gump is able to use m2 poms, it could
>just use them for building all the blocks and we wouldn't need any
>gump.xml anymore.
Yes, the Gump process should be driven from POMs. Either by a M2 plugin 
that creates gump.xml as in M1 or preferably by making Gump use M2 POMs 
directly. Continous integration is a must and will be even more 
important when we start to consider the blocks as separate projects.

              --- o0o ---

My number one priority is integrating the OSGi stuff with Sylvain's OSGi 
aware component handling and the sitemap block functionality I 
implemented before. So I will not be able to do more than discussing the 
two above points for the nearest future. Both the M2 OSGi bundle plugin 
and M2/Gump integration are very important steps on our way towards real 
block. So for anyone who can find some spare cycles there is a great 
chance to get us much closer to real blocks :)


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