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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: extending I18nTransformer / Bundle / BundleFactory
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:01:13 GMT
Unless things have changed radically, in which case we have real 
problems, I don't see why you need to modify the I18nTransformer.  You 
should be able to use input modules in your sitemap to dynamically 
specify the location of the xml files.  So either use a standard input 
module or write a custom one.


Kiril Sramko ( wrote:

>I'm new to cocoon-development, but have some experience on using. My boss gave me the
>order, to extend the i18n-transformer to support:
>- in runtime changing source-files for the message-xml-files
>- get the location of the message-xml-files out of a database
>He has done it himself for a previous version of cocoon by splitting the
>into a abstract class, holding all logic for transforming i18n-tags, and a
>I18nTransformerXmlCatalogue-class, containing the logic for the default
>i18n-xml-cataloug-method of cocoon.
>By updating cocoon, we would have always to change this classes and recompile it. Now
>I've got to find a way to use cocoon-interfaces to prevent this work.
>The interfaces are given:
>But my problem is (maybe I don't unterstand it correct), before loading the
>Bundle/BundleFatory, cocoon neads to know the location of the xml-message-files. But
>the location in my case can change dynamicly. So I don't now, where to start.
>- is it enought to write my own Bundle/BundleFactory-implementing-classes or do I have
>to change the I18nTransformer
>- how/where do I tell cocoon use my own classes implementing Bundle/BundleFactory
>- does anybody knows, if org.apache.cocoon.transformation.I18nTransformer supports
>dynamical reload of the Bundles, whenever the configuration/validation changes, or do
>I have to patch the I18nTransformer
>- will such patches be implemented in the official cocoon-repos, or do I have to make
>these changes every time I update cocoon
>- has somebody experience with such stuff
>regards Kiril Sramko

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